Sunday, November 1st

Chefs Andrew Taylor and Michael Wiley of Hugo's, Eventide Oyster Co. and The Honey Paw

Zack Bowen of Knack Factory

Friday, December 4th

Chef Jason Loring of Nosh, Slab and Rhum


Sunday, December 6th

Full Plates Full Potential Benefit lead by Chef Rob Evans of Duckfat

Saturday, February 27th: Red

Chef Amanda Hallowell of Nebo Lodge

Chef David Turin of David's

Sunday, January 31st: Purple

Chef Thomas Pisha-Duffly of The Honey Paw

Chef Justin William Walker of Earth

Saturday, April 30th: Yellow

Chef Krista Kern Desjarlais of Bresca and The Honey Bee at Outlet Beach and The Purple House

Chef Josh Potocki of 158 Pickett Street Cafe and The Bread & Butter Catering Company

Sunday, June 26th: Green

Chef Rob Evans of Duckfat

Chef Masa Miyake of Miyake

and Pai Men Miyake

Sunday, July 31st: Pink

Chef Wilson Rothschild and Pliny Reynolds of Terlingua

Chef Anders Tallberg of Roustabout

Sunday, August 7th: Sous-per Crew Black

Ian Driscoll of Big Tree Hospitality

Rocky Hunter of David's Opus Ten

Brewster Taylor of The Honey Paw

Matthew Jauck of Earth at Hidden Pond

William White of Vignola Cinque Terre

Sunday, October 2nd: Orange

Chefs Andrew Taylor and

Michael Wiley of Hugo's

Chefs Ilma Lopez and

Damian Sansonetti of Piccolo



Sunday, October 30th

Fabulous Femmes to benefit The Barbara Bush Children's Hospital

Saturday, December 10th

Chef Larry Matthews of Back Bay Grill

Chef Jason Williams of The Well at

Jordan's Farm